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The school`s origins in Nereta region are found in the Courland’s time and are bound up with the first duke Gotthard Kettler`s name. When checking his possessions, he understood that he needed to change something. To get people to work and to make the governance over the nation easier, there had to be education. In year 1567 duke Gotthard Kettler issued an order to build or restore churches and under the supervision of the churches – to open schools. With this order Nereta school`s history started, because after it from 1584 to 1593 a new stone church was built in Nereta and in 1596 under the church`s supervision the so-called “Latin school” was opened where the pupils could learn Latin, Greek, Hebrew languages, theology, maths, history and geography. This school did not exist for a long time and already in the sources which were written in 1607 Nereta Sacristan`s School was listed. This school was running till 1919 when it was transformed into Nereta School. Children could learn to read prayers and count a bit in Nereta School. The first teachers were Germans by nationality and only in 1859 the first Latvian teacher Jānis Reguts (1859. -1904.) started to work in the school.
Schools in Nereta changed their territorial location many times. The 1st school was built by the church, but since 1815 it was situated in Nereta Sacristy`s premises where 2 rooms were used for school needs. In 1877 a new school building was built and the pupils of classes 1 – 4 could learn there. After the First World War Nereta Sacristan`s School was called Nereta School. In 1931 the 5th and the 6th classes were opened too. On 30 October, 1936 the new school building was inaugurated and the lessons take place here also now. In the summer of 1936 the Latvian president Kārlis Ulmanis visited our school.
On 1st September, 1945 Nereta School was transformed into Nereta Secondary School and in the spring of 1950 the 1st secondary school graduation took place. Ten students (class-teacher Kārlis Lapiņš) finished secondary school.
In 1990 Nereta Secondary School had its first overhaul during which Kārlis Ulmanis`s wish came true –central heating was installed in the school.
In 2000 within the World Bank project the school`s renovation started: an autonomous heating with hot water supply was installed ventilation was arranged the `small school`s` building was insulated power supply was improved In 2000 the new gym hall was ready. On the 23th September, 2008 the new sports stadium was opened.
On the 1st September, 2009 a ceremonious opening of the school`s plate took place. Nereta Secondary School was renamed into Nereta Janis Jaunsudrabins Secondary School.2009 – the renovated hostel was open 010-2016- the classrooms were being well-equipped 2014- the pavement was laid in the territory of the campus 2014- the school sports hall was insulated according to the project 2015- the school assembly hall repairs were carried out
2015- the display shelves for sporting competition cups were arranged thanks to the financial support of Jānis Pundurs, Jolanta Krjahova, Silvija Teilāne, Kaspars Ādams and initiative of sports teacher Mairis Dzenis.
The school can be proud of some of its students who are recognizable in our country and beyond: actors Jānis Kubilis, Rihards Rudāks, poets Velta Toma, Imants Auziņš, Maija Briede and Velta Kaltiņa.

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